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About MySmokeAlarm

family-escape-planMySmokeAlarm is a product of The Safe Community Project, Inc., a non-profit public charity that specializes in fire prevention and life safety. The issue of smoke alarms and house fires has been a growing concern across the United States, and this website is one of the pieces in a moving puzzle that can help reduce the risk of injury or death from fire.

The chances that the average home will burn is less than one percent. Thinking about your home burning is not something you’re likely to do on a daily basis – nor should you. But, what if it did? Would you and your family be safe? Would you be alerted in time to get out? Would you know where to go? Who to call? Everyone talks about “calling 911,” but many people give the wrong information when they do call during an emergency. MySmokeAlarm is designed to help you take the simple steps that can ensure that your home is as protected as it reasonably can be – so that in the event of a fire, you and your family will know what to do.

safeCommunityProject300x225The Safe Community Project is a privately operated professional fire prevention and life safety organization. Managed by a group of active and retired firefighters, medics, and business experts, it operates multiple programs, including MySafe:LA in Los Angeles and MySafe:California across the State of California. Additional programs are in development.

By setting up reminders for changing your batteries, practicing your family escape plan, and even replacing old smoke alarms, your family can rest assured that the risk of injury from fire has been cut in half*.

*According to the National Fire Protection Association, the risk of dying from fire is cut in half when working smoke alarms are maintained in a home.